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The Triptych by Jessyca Wallace

The Triptych

While an undergrad at UC San Diego, I was given an assignment by the completely awesome artist and my professor, Faith Ringgold. My recollection is we were to imagine a journey to the center of the Earth. I drew a sketch and then turned it into this triptych. And my love of painting was ignited. …

One Foot on the Platform by Jessyca Wallace

One Foot on the Platform

This was the second important painting I did, also while at UC San Diego. I was deeply inspired by the song “The House of the Rising Sun” and feeling rather like an anonymous person at the time. Also, I’d purchased a sample set of Golden Acrylics which had 5 colors in it (as I recall). …

Three Muses by Jessyca Wallace

Three Muses

Still experimenting with that magic box of Golden paints, I was inspired by a beautiful photo by Annie Leibovitz on the cover of Vogue magazine. It was the first time I’d seen one of these “20-something famous people in a gorgeous photo” photos and I loved it. Pictured here are Kate Winslet, Claire Danes, and …

The Big Apple by Jessyca Wallace

The Big Apple

My first commission, this painting hung in my generous Aunt Carol’s office (she had a very important job at a well-known magazine) until she retired. I always wonder who has seen it! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it myself that I’m grateful to have a photo of it!