About Jessyca

Among other things, I am an artist. I’ve applied my creativity and problem-solving skills elsewhere for many years, but after all this time, I’ve come back to art — making it and promoting it.

When I started making art in college, it was because I couldn’t fathom the idea of taking four upper-division math classes (I was a math major, after all). I picked up art as a second major because something in me liked the idea and thought it would bring balance.

My professors genuinely encouraged me as best they could — they even invited me to participate in the department’s Honors Studio as a senior. I was not exactly a fully-formed human being yet and I didn’t have a reason for making art beyond “it’s my major” so while my early work is unique, it’s mostly devoid of any real meaning or expression beyond, “see what I can do?”

After graduating from UC San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts – Fine Art Studio, I basically went on a very long art sabbatical. I wasn’t exactly avoiding art. I was excited to learn about website development and I followed career opportunities as they presented themselves.

My subsequent path to making art has been serpentine. I picked up digital photography to learn composition quickly. That was effective. Next, I applied my creative side to the landscape and completed the Landscape Architecture certification at UCLA Extension. I didn’t feel I was a good personality fit for the field so I didn’t continue. Then, much like in college, it dawned on me — I wasn’t spending my limited time on this Earth doing something I find fulfilling. To be inspired, I joined private Facebook Groups for artists (painting, drawing, mosaics, metal clay, and more). After a long while, I finally found that inspiration I needed to go out and start making art again.

To determine what kind of art I wanted to make, what kind of statements I wanted my art to make, how I wanted to reach viewers, I started exploring the art world in depth. And now I’ve jumped in!