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Why I’m an SEO

My Story

In 2009, after four years working at an enterprise-level e-commerce company (Shopzilla), a niche publisher (Edmunds), and a social-shopping start-up (ThisNext), I started a wine club review website with a friend.

In those days SEO meant keywords in your domain name (check), a few pages stuffed with your most important keywords (check), and submitting your site to as many directories as possible (check).

SEO has come a long way, baby. As Google continues to introduce new features, algorithms to thwart spammers, build a knowledge graph, and leverage AI, I had to learn to be a rock solid SEO if I wanted to stay in business.

I’ve come to realize I really love SEO — even more than coding, tasting wine, photography, writing, and affiliate marketing. So now I’m an SEO for hire — and I still run

My full background is available on Linked In.

I like to win

In addition to radical transparency and hard work, I value winning, particularly with SEO.

It’s easy to focus on the bits of SEO that are measured clearly (like page speed, Core Web Vitals, and ranking for certain keywords) but I never want to lose sight of your customers — because I want you to win, too.

A little bonus that comes with hiring an SEO whose background is in User Experience Design is that I’ll help you optimize your conversions, too. I love A/B tests because they lead to winning designs.


What to know about me

Some things to know about me

Super Efficient

At early jobs, I found I was completing my work in half the time of my predecessors. At one job I negotiated a stipend for the work rather than an hourly wage, and at the other I asked to be trained in another skillset to keep me busy. I’m still super efficient.

Super Nerdy

I love SEO so much I read about it at least an hour every day, if not more. I love digging into analytics tools, spreadsheets, and Google Search Console to get to the bottom of what makes your site tick and how to kick your SEO into a higher gear.

Super Honest

Honest to a fault, some might say. I’ll tell you when I know how to do something and when I don’t or if your current plan isn’t the best one. There will be no smoke and mirrors, no farming out of the work you’re paying me to do, and no inflated bills.

Let’s work together
to take your SEO to the next level

I’m currently looking for a few good clients.

My client roster is full at this time. Please get in touch if you’d like to be on the waitlist.

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