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A La Carte SEO Services

If you know a bit out SEO already, this page contains details about what I do and how I do it. If you’re new to SEO, these terms and concepts may seem a bit overwhelming. Have no fear, I’ll tell you as much or as little as you want me to about the nitty gritty of how I’ll help your SEO efforts.

If you have been referred to me by one of my existing or past clients, I recommend hiring me by the hour. I am extremely careful about how I spend your money, I bill by the minute, and I bury little nuggets of value-added insight in almost every communication. I can tailor your SEO budget to your precise needs and pivot when appropriate.

On this page: Audits & Analysis | Technical SEO | Keywords & Topics | Content Strategy | Soft Skills | What I Don’t Do

Audits & Analysis

On-Page Analysis, Results Page Analysis, Content Audits, Internal Linking Audits, Keywords & Topic Cluster Analysis, Competitive Analysis

No matter where you are now — just starting out with SEO or having been around the block a few times — an outsider taking a close look at what you’re doing is always a good idea.

Before I can make any suggestions about what to improve, I need to get to know where you are right now. As part of my audit process, I’ll also ask you a lot of questions, like how you got here and where you think you should be.

These questions will help me understand the context of what I uncover while researching your site and your SEO potential.

Technical SEO

Structured Data, Core Web Vitals, Page Speed Optimization, Caching, ADA Compliance, and your website Technology

As Google goes all in with AI in its algorithms — driving us all bananas in the process — one thing has become crystal clear: SEO is no longer just about keywords, content, and back links.

If you want to rank for shopping listings, get featured snippets, book events online, have up-to-the-minute news stories, or offer video content you need to get a handle on your technical SEO — especially your structured data.

Technical SEO is about how your web pages are built, how your images are optimized, which marketing scripts and analytics you use, and how you cache. It’s not just Core Web Vitals.

I’ll look in every nook and cranny, and run every test I can think of, to make sure your website is blazing fast and Google-friendly.

Keywords & Topics

Site structure, internal linking, keyword clusters, topics/entities, and how they relate to your content strategy

If these subjects seem vague and you’re tired of churning out content to satisfy the demands of incredibly long keyword lists, it’s time to put some strategy behind all of that effort.

I’ll help identify your topics as Entities in the Knowledge Graph and make sure your site structure is organized accordingly. This will help establish your site as a topical authority.

I’ll help you break down those topics into keywords you should be targeting to move the needle on leads or sales coming in from the search engines.

I’ll align your current content with the results of that research and suggest places to shore up content and internal linking to boost those efforts.

Content Strategy

Which content to write, how to organize your content, when to rewrite and republish, how to zhuzh it up

In the not-to-distant past a great strategy was to make super long list of keywords and write a blog post or an evergreen page that focused on each keyword (or tight cluster of keywords).

These days there is definitely such a thing as “too much content.” If you already have too much, I’ll help you prune it and shape it for maximum utility (aligned with your Keyword & Topic strategy).

If you’re yet to embark on a content-writing campaign, I’ll map out the most potentially beneficial content and its structure — right down to the heading tags to use and any underlying structured data to help boost its visibility in the SERPs.

Content really is king and the good news is that it can be repurposed across all of your channels, so it’s a good idea to get this right.

Soft Skills

Project planning and prioritization, detailed project specifications, “techsplaining”

All of the audits and analyses can only take you so far — you actually need to implement all of the suggestions to take advantage of the opportunities uncovered in the process.

Whether you have a dedicated team who will implement my recommendations or you need me to jump and get my hands in the code (which I love to do), you’ll need a clear plan on what it is we’re going to achieve.

My roadmaps break projects into phases, link to project specification docs, assign a person to each task, and also provide an expected level of effort, so you can ballpark how much time is needed to complete the campaign.

Along the way you’ll notice I provide a lot of “techsplanations,” because much of what I talk about could be gobbledygook to you or most of your team. It’s important to me that everyone understands what we’re doing.

I Won’t Do That

Maybe we’ll never know what Meat Loaf was singing about in that song, but I’m happy to tell you what I won’t do (and why)

  • I don’t do “link building.” A PR project (when done right) and a scam factory (when done wrong), Google continues to decrease their reliance on inbound links for ranking.
  • I don’t break rules. When it comes to “black hat” SEO, I just say no. “Gray hat” is off limits, too, because today’s “gray hat” is tomorrow’s ranking penalty.
  • I don’t let AI write anything. I pride myself on my craft, not my ability to churn out mediocre content which may help your keyword list but likely won’t generate new business.
  • I don’t spend your money when I don’t need to. It’s easy to spend other people’s money, but I try not to. I’m never going to build you a report that says nothing new.
  • I don’t do other SEM tasks. Each is its own specialty, so I don’t do email, social media, or paid search. I will coordinate with your team members who do to make sure we’re all rowing in the same direction. If you don’t have people who do these things for you already, I can help you find quality consultants.

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