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Lost in the maze

How many kinds of SEO are there?!

These days, there are many SEO specialties because there are many types of websites and many features to rank for on search engine results pages (SERPs). Learn which ones you need to grow your business.

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11 SEO myths that will waste your money

In my article about How to hire an SEO, I mention that most SEOs aren’t worth hiring. One of the reasons I feel strongly about that is that they make false promises. They also often believe practices that Google has said are against their policies are indeed legitimate SEO techniques (even good SEOs can’t keep it straight). Why is that?

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How to hire an SEO

There are a bazillion SEO consultants and most of them aren’t worth hiring. I almost fell out of my chair while browsing Fiverr’s selection recently (I was appalled, not impressed). Finding the right one for your business, at the stage you’re currently at, can be challenging. How do you know which SEO freelancer will be a good fit for your growth plan? How can you see through the hyped up ads? I’ll tell you here.

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