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Jessyca Frederick

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How to Trust an SEO

As I take stock of how beaten some sites have been by the onslaught of Google algorithm updates starting in August 2023 (we’re currently in the midst of #5 and #6), I don’t have any great wins to report. That’s because my competitors are also good at SEO.

Also upon reflection, the fact that I continue to see my rankings rise, albeit not in an exciting manner, means I’m doing the right work (and there’s always more to be done).

Lost in the maze

How many kinds of SEO are there?!

These days, there are many SEO specialties because there are many types of websites and many features to rank for on search engine results pages (SERPs). Learn which ones you need to grow your business.

Soft-404 from SEObility

Soft 404s and When to Say No

It’s a good idea to get to know the Pages tool in Google Search Console. A lot of what you find there might be actionable, but a lot of it is a waste of time. Here’s one Soft 404 example of what to ignore so you can focus on SEO tasks that make a real impact.

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